Spray brush for professionals!

Incredibly practical Finnish innovation, which facilitates and speeds up professional work in a multitude of ways.

Two products in one

Designed for professionals, the Caxon® spray brush can perform two tasks at the same time: spray painting and brush painting.

Painting is extremely easy and fast: simply attach the Caxon® spray brush and the rotatable nozzle to a high-pressure spray gun and begin painting. No more lugging around paint cans and covering all surrounding surfaces. And the result? Professional quality.

Easy and effortless!


Developed for professional use, the Caxon® spray brush achieves superior speeds compared to traditional brush painting. No more brush dipping or endlessly carrying around paint cans. Requires minimal protection of surrounding areas compared to traditional painting.


Eliminates time spent transporting paint cans and protecting windows, doors and other objects. Caxon® spray brush features a rotatable nozzle for quick clean-up, eliminating unnecessary breaks during painting. Worn-out brushes are easy to replace.


No unnecessary transportation of paint cans. Enables the user to have a free hand, for example when working on ladders, scaffolding or rooftops.


Increases efficiency and productivity. Paint is regulated directly from the nozzle, optimizing paint consumption and ensuring the best possible results.


The spray brush has been tested by professional painters. User experiences have been extremely positive.

The use of the spray brush is only limited by your imagination!

The efficient Caxon® spray brush is suitable for almost any paint job. Working with the device is safe, efficient and productive.

Outdoor painting Window frames, doors and other objects do not require protection, unlike when using a traditional spray brush.
Eaves boarding You will have one hand free for working on a scaffolding or ladder.
Tin roofs Application is fast and smooth, without moving paint cans to the roof. Unlike traditional spray painting, Caxon® spray brush does not release paint mist into the environment.
Tile roofs Paint dosage is easy to control, ensuring an even, opaque result.
Timber painting Easy to paint indoors or outdoors.
Plastered and other uneven surfaces The spray brush enables even application on uneven surfaces as well. The brush finishes the pattern, ensuring an even application.
Wooden fences Handy for painting small surfaces as well.

High-quality paint brush

Replaceable brush ensures continuously top-class results.


Optimisation of paint usage

Easily optimised opacity and paint consumption.


Brush with integrated, rotatable high-pressure spray nozzle

Ensures that paint mist is not released into the environment


Caxon® spray brush can be used for the application of paints and other compatible coatings, as well as nearly all primers and varnishes.

Product kits

Caxon® standard kit

  • Rotatable nozzle 517
  • Paint brush 45
  • Bolt 7/8”
  • Bolt 11/16”
  • Keys
  • Knurled-head screws, fittings
  • Installation rod for fittings
  • Aluminium tool case

Caxon® Plus kit

  • All equipment included in the standard kit
  • 2 pcs replacement brushes

The Caxon® spray brush aluminium case ensures that all parts stay firmly in place. Replacement brushes are also available for purchase separately!